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Portia Capital Management, (aka "PCM"), was named for the heroine, "Portia," in the "Merchant of Venice," one of William Shakespeare's plays. Portia's characteristics of ethics, tenacity, and loyalty make her one of literature's best-known heroines.  "Portia" defeats every obstacle that is put before her.
The test of a good investment strategy is the ability to withstand the obstacles of economic uncertainty and market volatility. The goal of PCM is to provide our clients with investment plans that are sound and meet their individual goals, but also adapt to global dynamics.
Portia's Mission:
Build a trusted relationship with every PCM client and reach an understanding of their family's or organization's goals and needs.  Develop a strategic plan for each client that preserves their legacy and empowers them with a customized portfolio. Educate our clients on the dynamics of the investment markets and help them become confident of their futures.

Portia's Driving Force:

Portia Capital Management is committed to contributing a minimum of 10% of its profits towards the education of children from single parent homes.  This effort will be known as "Portia's Children."  

Portia’s Children’s goal is to give disadvantaged youth hope and help them move beyond their economic circumstances.

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